The Greatest Realization.

One of the greatest realizations in a man’s life, well in my life actually, is when I realized that the children have overtaken their parents in intelligence and acumen. I do not mean the usual computer skills in which most kids outdo their parents, I mean in all other aspects of life. Now, for some this may be intimidating and a little harrowing. Not for me, I am in total awe of my sons, all three of them. I get such a kick out of their achievements. I know that what they have achieved has little if anything to do with me; it is their hard work, which has got them to where they are. However, I think, maybe, just maybe the love, support and encouragement, which their Mom and I have shown them over the years has contributed, even slightly, to their success. We have always encouraged them in whatever they have attempted, even if they sucked at it, which they sometimes did.

Our boys have always done us proud, each with their own unique skill. Brad’s amazing mathematical skills got him a partnership in a London based financial consulting company. Darren’s wonderful artistic and web development skills has been instrumental in him becoming one of New Zealand’s foremost web developers. Evan’s linguistic and musical ability earned him a full scholarship to study Chinese language and culture in one of China’s leading Universities. The one thing that they all have in common is their wonderful sense of humour and sense of love for their parents and each other. Whenever we are together, which is not often enough; we have a great time with many laughs. We miss all our boys terribly but only have ourselves to blame, we gave them wings and encouraged them to fly. We also gave them roots so hopefully they will always consider our home, theirs.

Oh well,

Life is…