A father’s love.

I read a letter from a father to his son the other day on Facebook . The letter was in response to the father overhearing his son talking on the telephone to his friend about how nervous he was about coming out to his parents. Well this got me thinking.
With all the hype in the press about the same sex marriage bill, which recently passed its second reading (77 votes to 44) in the New Zealand parliament, I got to thinking about all those young men and women who have “come out” to their families and friends and to those who publicly made submissions to the parliamentary sub-committee. How brave they are to risk the ridicule, bullying, mental, and physical abuse for something they have no choice about and believe in passionately. Then I thought about my own situation and my family.
Our youngest son came out to us during his last year at high school. It was very difficult for him to come out but he knew that whatever we felt about it, we would always love and support him, as did his brothers. However, I feel perhaps that I have let him down to a certain extent, though I will always support him I have not been entirely open with my own “coming out” of my son’s sexuality. I have kept it a secret from certain ‘friends’ and colleagues, always afraid of what they would think and say. Well, for that I apologise profusely and now, it is my turn to say to the world that my son is gay and I could not be more proud of him. Not only is he intelligent and handsome, he is caring and loving and has a wonderful sense  of humour. His mother, brothers and their wives adore him as do all his friends, the majority of which are heterosexual. I no longer care what anyone thinks, if they have a problem with me because of this then that is their problem and they are not true friends. The love I have for my boy outweighs what others think of me.

A loving Dad.

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  1. Lovely Alf, you son has brought and will continue to bring you joy. You are absolutely right though, anyone who continues to have a problem with it – has the problem.
    In love and light

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