Slit Trench – three short stories.

Slit Trench Cover

Slit trench:

The story explores the friendship which develops between two young white South African soldiers during the Angolan war of 1976. They are from completely different backgrounds. One, Seun Joubert is from an ultra-conservative Afrikaner family and the other, Joel Lapinski is from a liberal Jewish family. They are stuck in a slit trench together during a tense contact situation. While in the slit trench they share their experiences, dreams and most intimate secrets. It is a story of prejudice, bigotry and tragic sorrow, as well as an uplifting story of warmth, friendship and love.

Slit Trench cover pic

Mind the gap:
An amusing mini story about an embarrassing situation experienced by a young man on his overseas experience in London in the early 1970’s.

A heart-warming tear jerker about a talented music student from Auckland, New Zealand whose life makes a complete about-turn when he discovers something quite incredible while studying at  University in England.

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