The Book Launch – October 2010

Darren & I at my book launch

Darren & I at my book launch

The launch of my latest book: Life is… was held at “Time out bookstore” in Mt Eden.  I was absolutely blown away by the turn-out of friends and family who came out to support me. I’m humbled by their generosity.

Darren made a wonderful speech. He had the crowd giggling while bringing a tear to my eye with his words of love and pride for his dad.

I also said a few words of thanks to all the people who helped me on the way.

Evan read a excerpt from the book. He read it so beautifully that it made everyone want a copy.

I had a wonderful evening and I’m sure everyone who attended had a good time.  Thanks to everyone who supported me.

My speech.

Thank you my boy (Darren) for those wonderful words.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Don Tate, the author of “The War Within” said in his launch speech:
“It would be fair to say that in a man’s life, there are few occasions as daunting as this-the launch of one’s memoir.  Daunting because putting his story down for all the world to read may be viewed as the epitome of egotism – thinking that his story is so significant that he has to put pen to paper and tell the world about it.”
Well as stories go, mine is certainly not remarkable, no great feats, no brave rescues, no grand adventures and I’m certainly not famous or well known.  I wrote this for two reasons, one, for my children and grandchildren and their children so they may get an insight from where and who they originate, and two, I love writing; it is as simple as that.
Writing this story was not easy for me; I have shed many tears and had some good laughs along the way. Much of what happened, I didn’t really want to recall or share, however, I had to be truthful for the kids, so here it is warts and all.
I have to thank a few people who have given me so much help and support leading up to this evening.
Firstly, I’d like to thank Wendy and her great staff  for allowing me to launch my book from this awesome shop. Ladies, you have been so kind, thank you. And of course a special thank you to Rosemarie for suggesting this lovely venue and setting the wheels in motion.
I have to say a big thank you to Claire O’Toole who did an amazing job in editing my manuscript without changing my voice – and thank you Claire for having to endure all that strong language.
A huge thanks to Denise O’Farrell, (our future daughter-in-law) for proof reading and correcting the final cut – checking the continuity etc.
To the wonderful folk at Publishme and The Zenith Publishing group, Thanks for everything
Kirsten and the guys of Link SA for the excellent job of promoting my book to the SA community here in NZ.
I need to tell my family, Irene my lovely wife (who, incidentally did all the catering for tonight), my children Brad & Denise (in London), Darren & Amanda (here in Auckland) and Evan (standing behind me), that they are all very special to me. I love you all very much. My sister Margie who is here in thought and went through all the sadness and laughs of those years. I love you sis
And last but by no means least; I want to thank you, my friends and new whanau for coming to support me, thank you.
Now I’ll hand over to my “laat lammertjie” Evan, who will read an excerpt from the book.

Display of books at Time Out Bookstore.

All my Friends and Whanau at the Launch

Darren giving a wonderful speech at the launch


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